Island Hopping Fiji – Blue Lagoon

This post is part four of my Fijian island hopping adventure, you can read part one, part two and part three here.

Blue lagoon is the most Northernly island in the Yasawas and is pure paradise. This is much more of a family resort and the most luxurious on my itinerary.  The resort mostly caterers for the upper end of the family holiday market and therefore most of the rooms are small apartments with multiple bedrooms and their own sun beds. If you’re a backpacker though there are two eight bed dorm rooms right on the edge of the resort, the beds are comfy and the rooms are clean but best of all they have hot showers! and hairdryers too, pure luxury!  IMG_5862

Staff on the island are friendly (Shout out to my friend Dan) and will do what they can for you  and organise evening entertainment most nights or just give you recommendations of activities to get involved in. On to mealtimes, the food was delicious and varied daily, some days was a la carte and others was buffet style meals. The only thing I will say about this resort is that because its mainly a family resort meal times are more like eating in a restaurant with individual tables which isn’t always very social for solo backpackers, I much preferred the other islands where everyone eats together and mealtimes are a big social event. IMG_5863

As for activities there are some good snorkelling sights close to the island you can take trips out to or there are diving courses too all available at the activity shop. Blue Lagoon is one of the best places for swimming, particularly if your not a very strong swimmer as the water is so still around the island, theres also a floating platform and blow up slide to enjoy. We also did a cave trip out to some of the caves from the movie Blue Lagoon, this is about a half hour boat journey from the resort. When you get there there are two caves to explore the initial cave is spacious and light and easy to access via the staircase. The second cave is where things get really exciting, you can dive down through a small hole in the first cave wall and into the next one (top tip bring goggles if your concerned about this part). The second cave is pitch black but don’t worry you’ll have a guide and a torch, when we first got into the cave it felt like it was tiny and cramped but once we had all the torches on it turned out to be a maze of wide channels with only tiny cracks of light peeking in. At the caves there is also a few stalls selling gifts and souvenirs to visitors, these stalls are run by the local women when I was there one woman brought her young daughter and she was so cute and confident she made us play with her. ISAW0767

To sum up Blue Lagoon is a wonderful resort for families and couples alike or backpackers looking for a little luxury in their journey, just don’t expect the usual backpacker vibe (or prices).



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