Island Hopping Fiji – Barefoot Kuata

Second island of the trip was barefoot kuata (and no you don’t need shoes at all there its brilliant) Kuata is the gateway to the Yasawa islands and with out a doubt my favourite island, I completely fell in love with this place. As you arrive on the Yasawa flyer you’ll see a Fijian warrior up on the rocks protecting the Yasawas and greeting everybody, at first I thought it was a statue but no he was real. IMG_5867

The accommodation at Kuata is lovely the dorms are all single beds made up and beautifully decorated with flowers (its so nice not to be in a bunk bed for once). All of the dorm rooms are in permanent tents with sliding wooden doors that open up right onto the beach – who wouldn’t want to wake up to this view?IMG_5798.JPG

As for activities again theres a lot to do, weather its snorkelling, diving, or jewellery making. We did a guided snorkelling trip off the side of the island below the lookout point, here you’ll find a nice small reef with plenty of fish and even nemos! Whilst we were on Barefoot Kuata we also did one of the bst trips in fiji, which was to snorkel with sharks! It was a very windy day and the boat ride out to the reef would’ve made any health and safety persons toes curl, we spent more time airborne bouncing of waves than actually in the water its amazing that no one fell overboard. Once we actually arrived it was such an incredible experience. From the moment we jumped off the boat we were surrounded by white tip reef sharks and tropical fish, some of the sharks are really curious and will come right up to you! I can highly recommend this trip, I didn’t find it at all scary and it was just an amazing experience. ISAW0735.JPG

Another reason I loved Kuata so much is that I made a really good group of friends to chill out with .We explored some of the island walks, you can walk up the hill to the sunset viewing platform which is well worth the walk (and you’ll be back in time for cocktail hour). We also went searching for crabs on the beach at night, played card games and took part in another kava ceremony. IMG_5811.jpg

On the island we also experienced tradition; Fijian cooking for the first time, no we weren’t cooking people don’t worry not that traditional! Basically they dig a big hole and light a fire in it until the soil begins to burn, they tend warp the food in palm leaves and cover them with the hot soil leaving the food underground for a couple go hours to cook.IMG_5812.jpg

I love Barefoot Kuata and will definitely be coming back some day!



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