Island Hopping in Fiji – SouthSea Island

I’ve arrived in Fiji! Thought of by many as an exclusive luxury honeymoon destination only for the rich, but in actual fact these pacific islands are actually easily visited on a budget too. Over the next two weeks I’ll be visiting six different islands in the mamanuca and yasawa islands, getting around on the Yasawa Flyer, the big yellow boat that appears as if from nowhere departing Nadi (pronounced nan-dee) daily. IMG_5749

First island on my itinerary is southsea island, the smallest of the mamanuca islands and a stunning place that can be walked around in just five minutes. As its only a half hour boat journey from the mainland this island is very popular with day trippers and does get very busy and loud during the day, but by the time the last boat leaves at about 5pm theres just a tiny group of people left (about six of us with the whole island to ourselves). IMG_5754.JPG

Theres plenty of activities to get involved in if you fancy something other than soaking in the beauty if where you are, and the lovely sun too. You can take snorkels out off the beach or on a boat trip out to the reef or you could go on a glass bottomed boat (which they call the submarine) or even hire a kayak and paddle your way around the island. ISAW0684.JPG

We also did a day trip from this island on the seaspray sailing boat (be prepared to get wet its not called seaspray for nothing). To get to this tour we had to take the ferry up to the Yasawa islands and transfer onto the sailing boat. Once on board the fun begins with a glass of prosecco and some songs from the crew and there ukulele. All food and drink is included on the boat and there quite a range to chose from. We sailed out to Castaway island where you can pretend to be Tom Hanks, although wilsons not there which was a disappointment (if you haven’t seen the movie you need to!) or take a refreshing dip or snorkel in the tropical blue waters. ISAW0688.JPGISAW0699.JPG We also visited another small island to see a village where the locals live and sell jewellery and wooden gifts they’ve made. The last event of the day was to take part in a traditional Kava ceremony. Kava is a traditional fijian drink made from the powdered root of a pepper tree, its a very big part of fijian culture and its rude to refuse besides if you haven’t tried it you haven’t been to Fiji! As for the taste I was expecting it to be much worse than it was from the faces of the people before me, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t enjoyable but it wasn’t so bad either. It kind of tasted like soily water which growing up with two older brothers feeding me mud (thanks guys) isn’t something I’m not used to. Kava is a relaxant and if you drink a lot you can definitely notice the effects but after just the mouthful you have to have your tongue will go numb but thats about all.

So far I’m loving Fiji already!



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