Uncle Brian’s Waterfall Tour

When you reach Cairns, tropical North Queensland you’ll be overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Yes it’s a small city and besides the shopping center and beautiful lagoon there’s not too much going on but there is so many (and I mean an insane amount) of tours leaving cairns daily, it can be hard to filter out the good ones. That’s where I come in to tell you about my favourite day trip in Australia, uncle Brian’s tablelands and waterfalls tour. 

This tour was so much fun and I can’t reccomend it enough, jam packed with activities, food and fun you’ll want the day to last forever. You’ll be picked up from your accommodation at 8am by your tour guide (I had Cousin Rohan) with lodes of energy and some terrible jokes. It may seem abit much first thing in the morning especially if you’re nursing a hangover from Gilligans the night before but trust me get involved and just go with it soon you’ll be just as crazy and having the time of your life. 

First stop of the tour was Babinda, the wettest town in Australia located at the base of Queenslands two highest mountains. Babinda is also home to the incredibly famous golden gum boot you simply must get your photo taken with it. Okay, it’s just a spray painted wellie but it’s all good fun. 

Next up was Devils pools, appropriately named by all the ways it can and will kill you, here we did a guided rainforest walk to learn more about what will and won’t kil you in the forest as well as checking out the viewpoints and having morning tea, Woo! Caffeine and sugar! Whilst you’re here there’s also the opportunity to swim (in a safe spot) but be warned its pretty chilly. 

After Devils pools we drove to the next swimming spot of the day, Josephine falls. If you’ve heard of uncle Brian’s you’ll have heard all about sliding down natural water slides and jumping into waterfalls, all this happens at Josephine falls. 

After Josephine falls it was time for a long drive to lunch but don’t worry even long bus journeys are fun with cuz Rohan onboard. Time for some car games wether it’s puzzles drawing on the Windows or a whole new game, where’s wally. No not the wally you’re thinking of in this game everyone must pass a polo around the bus using only matchsticks and their mouths, we got some odd looks from the truck drivers behind us! After about an hour we arrived at a beautiful tea house in the tablelands for lunch and locally grown tea and coffee, oh, and sticky date pudding!!

After lunch all with our food babies it was time to head to milla milla falls. This waterfall you’ll all know either from Peter aundre a mysterious girl music video or the herbal essences ads. You can’t leave here without your very own hair flip photos. 

Next was creator lakes a beautiful and massive lake that’s actually pretty warm compared to the rest of the day’s swimming areas. Here you can watch the turtles, jump from the jetty or just have a leisurely swim but watch out for the croc! No I’m not kidding. Crator lake is home to a freshwater crocodile, one tiny croc one big lake, even if he was out to get you (he’s not) he couldn’t do much damage unless you’re under 30cm and a fish. Plus now you can say you swam in croc infested waters and survived! Now it was time for more food and hot chocolates before heading home. 

It might sound strange to you but one of my favourite parts of the day was the drive back. By this point everyone was comfortable with each other and Cuz Rohan’s infectious energy had spread, it was time for a sing song and to bust out some dad dancing. Let’s just say things got crazy. 

I had the best day with cousin Rohan exploring the tablelands and throwing myself into waterfalls. When in cairns don’t miss out on an uncle Brian’s tour! 


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