Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary, Townsville

After Magnetic Island I decided to spend a couple of nights in the city of Townsville, an area many backpackers miss out. There’s several good museums including an aquarium to visit, or you could hike to castle hill viewpoint or I went to Billabong wildlife sanctuary. 

Billabong is a very small sanctuary just outside of Townsville (you can book transfers to and from the sanctuary on there website) it’s the perfect place to explore Australian wildlife whilst knowing the animals welfare always comes first. Many of the animals including the crocs have been rehomed here due to injury mistreatment, causing a nusence in river bodies or as part of one of their breeding programs. 

Animals you can see include koalas, wombats, snakes, turtles, crocs and birds just to name a few, but what really makes the day is the shows. The shows are on throughout the day and are both entertaining and informative, wether it’s feeding cassowaries and turtles or cuddling koalas, wombats and snakes there’s plenty to get involved with. You can also purchase seed at the entrance to feed the ducks and kangaroos from your hand. 

The highlights of my day were obviously the koala cuddling (they’re just so adorable) but I also thoroughly enjoyed learning about other native Australian animals like the wombats (also super cute) and surprisingly the crocodiles. I highly reccomend the crocodile show even if you don’t think you’re that into them, the Rangers do such a good job at giving out information and explaining why the crocs are such misunderstood creatures but also how to respect them and keep yourself safe. Every ranger throughout the park had such a passion for the animals they cared for it really makes the day special. 

If you get a chance go and experience “life on the wildside” for yourself at Billabong Townsville. 


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