The perfect day at Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane 

Mt Coot-tha is a well known lookout to both tourists and locals alike. It’s a lovely natural area in the city with so much to explore…..

Getting there

 Mt Coot-tha is around a 4.5 mile drive from the city center, but don’t fear if you don’t have access to a car you can get the 471 bus from the city out to mt coot-tha. It takes about 25 minutes and takes you either to the botanical gardens or the lookout itself. 

Mt Coot-tha forests 

You’ll find most people get the bus right up to the lookout spend around half an hour taking photos and leave again, big mistake on their part there’s so much more to see and do! I decided to combine several of the walking tracks together to form a route up to summit and through the forests.

The route I took Included the reservoir trail, the Kamala trail, scorpion trail, Litchfield track and the summit tack. In total it took just over 2 hours and about 7 Km The first part (reservoir trail) was not an easy hike with rough paths and very very steep hills both on the way down and the way up again too but it’s a good walk and you’ll definitely be feeling it by the time you get to the top viewpoint for your photos.
The botanical gardens 

After a picnic lunch, made with ingredients from yesterday’s farmers market I went to check out the botanical gardens. Japanese garden is beautiful and the tropical dome too, they even have an entire section dedicated to bonsai trees! (Who doesn’t love tiny trees?) Mt coot-tha songwriters festival also happened to be on at the bandstand which was a fun way to sit and watch the world go by. 
Brisbane planetarium

To finish the day off in style I booked into one of the shows at the Brisbane planetarium skydome. The show starlight was really interesting and followed a child learning about the stars from her father, for me it was particularly fascinating to learn about the southern constipation sad I knew nothing about them. There is also a free museum at the planetarium which was interesting but I’ve been spoilt by my trip to the Greenwich observatory last summer. 

My day in Mt Coot-tha was incredible and packed full of fun if you get a chance definitely go spend some time there. 


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