A week in Byron Bay 

I’ve been in Byron Bay for a week now and it’s been a wonderful week. Byron is Australia’s hippy capital (you’d be right at home Ian) as well as one the most chilled and friendliest places I’ve been. It’s a pretty small town but with the chilled out vibes you might just stay forever. Here’s a few things I got up to… 

Grab a fresh juice or some vegan cakes from Byron juice bar, I had the mango and passion fruit crush it was incredible (but I stupidly forgot to take any photos)

Chill out on the beach, that’s what Byron was made for right? Why not grab some drinks and a group of friends, put on some music and just relax 

Get hippyfied with hair braids or feathers. Byron bay is known across the world as hippy Mecca and it just wouldn’t be right not to let your inner hippy out here. I got my hair feathers from a lovely shop owned by a local lady I can’t remember the name but it’s just opposite woolies on the Main Street, she also does clip in braids if you want something less permanent. 

Explore the shops to find some awesome and unique clothing jewellery and homewear. There’s no telling what you will find here the local boutiques are packed full of hidden gems and individual pieces, be sure to put aside at least an afternoon to browse around them all. 

Learn to surf, if your going to do it anywhere it’s got to be Byron right? I took my lesson with Byron bay surf school, it was a three hour lesson and you’ll be on the beach in five minutes after getting all your gear, no time wasted. I had a lot of fun on my lesson but it’s safe to say I am a truly terrible surfer 

The Lighthouse walk, Cape Byron lighthouse is an iconic spot on this stretch of coastline and a very popular walk for tourists and locals alike. The walk takes about an hour each way plus however long you want to spend up there, the views are perfect at sunrise or sunset but remember to take a touch as it gets so dark, you might even see some possums if you’re lucky like us. At the lighthouse you’ll also find the most Easterly point in Australia so don’t forget to get your tourist pics. 

Hang out at Cheeky monkeys, an iconic backpackers bar in the center of Byron it won’t be long before you find yourself here. They do half price meals a couple of times a week meaning a veggie burger and drink for just $5 (winning!) 

Slow down, chill out ….. That’s the most important motto from Byron Bay. 


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