Why you need to stop at Coffs Harbour, Greyhound Sydney – Byron Bay 

So as most of you will know by now I’m travelling up the east coast of Australia on the greyhound coach system. Whilst buses are a popular and cheap way to get around Australia it can mean some outrageously long journeys between those popular tourist spots. Now I don’t know about you but a 12 hour bus journey sounds like my idea of hell, and something to be avoided at all costs. So I’ve added in some extra stops to my itinerary, a little off the beaten track maybe but so worth it.

The popular journey between Sydney and Byron bay takes just over 12 hours by bus so I added a stop in at the beautiful Coffs Harbour. Now just 8 hours (overnight) from Sydney this trip was much more bearable. 

But what will you find when you get off the coach? A beautiful, quiet and peaceful harbour town blessed with good weather (most of the time) and some great surf beaches. If you have a car you’re going to love this place even more, surrounded by national parks, mountains and just beautiful landscapes there’s so much to explore. Why not grab a group of friends hire a car and go find some waterfalls up in dorringo national park or head along the coast to some beautiful viewpoints. 

But if you don’t fancy driving don’t worry there’s still plenty to keep you occupied for a few days. Why not walk out the the island that’s now a wildlife reserve, take a stroll along the creekside path, relax in the botanical gardens or even treat yourself to a diving trip into a whole new world of marine animals. 

Where to stay? I stayed at Aussitel and it really made the trip for me. The staff are so friendly and will go above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable, they picked me up from the bus stop at 6:45 am without requesting it and made sure my room was first to be cleaned so I could get in there by 9am (exactly what I wanted after the overnight bus). The facilities are also excellent, clean and probably the tidiest hostel I’ve been to so far. But without a doubt the best part of this hostel is the activities they put on, every day and every night there’s a different activity to get involved with weather it’s kayaking or standup paddle boarding on the creek or beer pong in the evening your days will be packed with adventures. They even run excursions some days for a small fee (usually $3 to cover petrol costs) like the one I took to emerald beach to spot kangaroos with joeys in the pouch and watch the sunset from the headland. 

I had a wonderful few days in Coffs Harbour (thanks for the recommendation Kelly and Jack) it was a lovely place to spend some time exploring and now I only have a four hour journey to Byron Bay bring it on!



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