The Grampians National Park with wildlife tours 

*This post follows on from my last post about the great ocean road
Day two of the trip with wildlife tours was to visit the grampians national park, a huge area of outstanding natural beauty perfect for hiking, biking and all outdoor activities.  

If we thought the weather was bad on day one we were in for a shock. Day two at the grampains was seriously foggy, meaning the views from the viewpoints were just excellent. Despite the weather we still managed to make the most of the day. 

First up after breakfast a 7am was to spot the kangaroos just outside the hostel at halls gap where they get together in the mornings and evenings to enjoy the “sun”. If you’re lucky you may even get to see a joey with its mum. 

After packing up the bus we headed to Mckenzie falls. A beautiful waterfall where you can walk right down to the bottom but remember (what goes down must come up). Once you get down there the view of the falls is incredible! 

Next we went to check out Boroka lookout and the balconies – the best view in Victoria, well apparently, if it’s not fogged over that is. Luckily it cleared after lunch and our lovely tour guide took us back for a quick stop off on the way back to Melbourne. Check out the difference in the view..

We also stopped of at another view point in the morning but the view was terrible, you could only just see your own hand in front of your face. But it was a nice little walk to get there. Alot of trees in the area are blackened from bush fires that swept through the area over the summer months, it really is amazing they managed to survive. These fires are bittersweet, whilst they deviate vast amounts of land they are necessary for some of the trees to open up there seed pods in order to reproduce, Australia’s nature and wildlife really is just incredible in how it has adapted to survive the harshest conditions. 

Lastly we headed down to the town centre to enjoy a picnic with stunning views of the mountainous surroundings before getting back on the bus for the long drive back to Melbourne. 

I loved the grampians and would love to go back again with a little more time and freedom to do some slightly more challenging hikes through the area. Whilst the trip was an excellent way to see the highlights I would really recommend going with a few friends as there’s just so much to explore out there. Grampians I will be back one day!


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