The Great Ocean Road with wildlife tours

Whilst in Melbourne you really can’t miss the great ocean road , recommended to me by a friend who lives nearby this scenic drive is a absolute must. Wether you choose to hire a car and do a road trip or if you hate driving like me take a organised trip. 

I booked my trip through wildlife tours, they have several different tour options to choose from but the one I went for was the 2 day great ocean road and grampians national park tour. On day one you’re picked up from your hotel pretty early but don’t worry there’s almost two hours of driving before you reach the great ocean road, perfect time for a nap. But If you get travel sick you will want to take medication as the roads get very bendy in places. 

Once you reach the great ocean road the first stop is memorial arch, a wooden structure spanning the start of the road and information about the soldiers who built it. This is the perfect stop for that famous photo opportunity. 

Next up was Kennet river where you can take a short walk through the trees whilst your tour guide prepares some morning coffee. Here you are pretty likely to spot some wild koalas as well as some of Australia’s most beautiful birds. 

A short drive further down the great ocean road we reached Maits Rainforest where we took a guided walk to learn about the tallest flowering trees in the world. Oh but be sure to watch out for snakes, spiders and carnivorous snails! 

The fourth stop is probably the one you’re most excited about. The 12 apostles, limestone rock formations jutting from the ocean although only 8 now remain.

The next scedualed stop is Loch ard, a beautiful sheltered beach. The story is that a ship came across the dangerous rocks and sank, only 2 survived the ship wreck and had to climb the sheer rock face for help. The ship is still about 20m under the ocean. From here you can get some incredible photos from the beach or take a walk around the top of the cliffs. Even though the rain was coming down pretty heavy by now the water was still a beautiful shade of blue. 

Another very famous stop comes next, London Bridge. A naturally formed archway out at sea, the rock used to form a bridge out into the ocean hence the name London Bridge but collapsed in recent years leaving behind a stack with a clear archway through. Be sure to spend some time here getting the perfect shot. 

The last stop of the day is the Bay of Martyas where you can experience great ocean and cliff views, well if the rain isn’t pounding down that is! By the time we arrived here visibility wasn’t great so it was just a short stop for us. 

After the great ocean road has finished you will drive to a small town to get dinner or if nothing takes your fancy you can team together to buy ingredients to cook later. You’ll spend the night in a hostel at halls gap where you will wake up to natures calls of birds and kangaroos ready to continue on with the tour of the grampians national park. 

Tour groups great way to meet people if you’re travelling alone as many others will be too. But if you’re travelling in a group it may be a better option to rent a car and drive yourself so you can stop for as long as you like at each place. We had to miss a couple of spots out due to time the biggest one for me being the lighthouse from round the twist. 

Despite the bad weather I really enjoyed my trip down the great ocean road with Wildlife Tours and would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s ever in the area. Stay tuned for what we got up to on day two in the Grampians.


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