Lush Spring Picks

I love lush. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge lush fanatic, theres nothing I enjoy more than a long hot bath filled with my favourite lush products. Now that its finally starting to feel like spring and my christmas bath supplies are gone  (I already can’t wait for the christmas 2017 collection) it was time for a trip to my local lush shop. Today I thought I would share my top picks from the latest collections.


Elsie the Giraffe – This reusable bubble bar is all about the cute factor the only issue you’ll have is choosing which end to start at. She has scents lemon lime and grapefruit, this one definitely has that citrus zing to it, perfect for a pick me up or a just morning soak.

Ups-A-Daisy – This bath bomb has a different scent than I would usually go for with notes of rosewood and rose (I’m usually not so keen on the floral smells) but it was the bright colours and hippy vibe that drew me to this bomb. This one creates amazing art in your bath, its so colourful and watching it fizz around you will relax you into a daze.

Baa Bar – I’m not going to lie I only bought this because its a sheep (I’m totally in love with sheep!) but it creates lots of lovely velvety bubbles.  Bergamot, Ylang Ylang (which I’m a big fan of especially molton brown ylang ylang body wash), and lavender are the main scents here. Normally I’m not a fan of lavender but even though its still easy to pick up on I found that its not too overpowering when combined with the other scents, so you get the sleep inducing benefits without the strong heady smells.

Big Blue  – This is one of my favourite bath bombs for spring and summer, I go back to it this time every year. It smells of the sea (but in that nice fresh way not the fishy way don’t worry) and I find it to be one of the most calming bath bombs. Now some people may not like having bits of seaweed floating about it their bath water but personally I love it it makes me feel like I’m on holiday playing in the ocean, I’ m a mermaid at heart, and if you are too you will love this one.

Which came first  This Sicilian Lemon and Grapefuit scented egg with subtle hints of vanilla is heavenly. Its very sweet smelling more than it is citrusy almost sherbet lemon territory. This bomb will give you a good few baths, when you break it open you should find a little chick inside. Pop this one in the bath and watch it fizz away for a beautiful pink relaxation session.

Whats your Favourite bath products this season ? Is there anything I’ve simply got to try?  Let me know

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